Fun at Pre-school

Celebrating Chinese New Year


W/C 11th February 2013 –Year of the Snake

The children learnt how to say “Happy New Year” in Chinese –

“Kung Hei Fat Choi.” 

They enjoyed making lots of Chinese New Year crafts – such as snake hats, paper chain snakes, paper plate snakes and red Chinese flags.The children drew and coloured Chinese New Year pictures and made snakes out of clay, which they enjoyed very much.

We shared a special story all about the Chinese New Year called ‘Dragon Dance’ Plus we learnt some rhymes featuring Dragons and Lions which you see at Chinese New Year.

The children enjoyed trying Chinese noodles and practicing how to eat with chopsticks. It was quite hard to do but we tried very hard!  We have made a display for Chinese New Year in the pre- school to share our special work – please come and have a look.