Fun at Pre-school

Learning French at Greenshoots!

Thursday 14th March 2013

Today Amber’s Mum Becky came in to talk to us in French. She used to live in France and she showed us where it was on the globe and how far it is from England where we live.

Becky introduced us to her friend Francois –he was from France. She taught us to sing the song “Head, shoulders, knees and toes” in French “Tete, épaule, genou et pied.” Becky also taught us how to count in French ‘Un, deux, trois’ – this means ‘One, two, three’. We really enjoyed learning this and will keep practicing!

Just before home time we danced and wiggled different parts if our bodies to a French song that Becky sang for us. This was very good fun! We are looking forward to learning more words in a different language soon!

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