ECAT – Every Child a Talker

6th May 2013

Dear Parents/Carers,
As you may be aware Greenshoots is following a programme called Every Child a Talker (ECAT).

The aim of this programme is to promote the effective communication of children. This can be supported by adults at pre-school and at home.
Natalie has recently been on some training in order to help promote this for the children of Greenshoots.

Some of the strategies we are currently using are:
*6 week Blast programme – to help promote good language skills and listening and attention development.
*Story of the week information for parents with a talking tip. Children will learn the story and then be able to retell it to others once remembered. It helps the children to become familiar with how stories are structured with a beginning, middle and end.

The information sent home will help you to know some new words they are learning from the book and so that you are able to talk to you about the story that they are listening to.

*Learning makaton signs.
*Each room now has a communication friendly area such as tents and cushions with story books.
*We have recently purchased some new puppets which will help children to be imaginative with their voices and role play ideas.
Soon we will be purchasing a puppet theatre stand for the children.
*We have also recently purchased some new CD story books which help develop the children’s language and attention skills.
*Our adult-led session times which encourage the children to take part in turn taking conversations and taking into account what others say.

In the reception area you will see an ECAT poster which has a talking tip on it. The poster will be rotated every month in order for us as practitioners and you as parents/carers to use these tips to help support your children.

Natalie is hoping to go on the next training course: Moving forward with ECAT so that we will be able to implement some more ideas and strategies in supporting our children to be good communicators.

If you would like some more information you can look on the ECAT in Plymouth website.

Thank you from the Greenshoots team.

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