Stay and Play

Friday 17th May 2013
We have invited the parents to come in on Friday afternoon for a stay and play session from 2.00 – 3.00p.m. The idea of this is for the parents and carers to come in and join in with our fun filled activities.

It will give parents the opportunity to have more time with their child’s key person and also to meet other parents within the Pre-School .
We will put on some refreshments and lay out the information on the EYFS for parents to have a look through. They will also be able to look through their child’s learning journey and give their feedback.

Some of the activities we are planning:

* What can we make with the playdough?
* Let’s see how good you are at bowling?
* Come and have a game of Jenga and see who first to make the tower fall down!
* Let your child show you how good they are on the I-PAD.
* How long has it been since you played in the water and sand tray? Come and have a go!
* We are hoping for nice weather so come and see what we are growing in our garden and greenhouse.

This stay and play session is only for Friday afternoon children. We will be arranging more sessions on different days in order for more parents to come and join in the fun at Greenshoots Pre-School.

Photos and feedback of our event to follow shortly.

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