Stay and Play Feedback

We had a busy afternoon last Friday at our stay and play session sharing stories, playing with small world people in the sand pit, exploring pouring and tipping in water tray, playing swing ball outside in the sunshine and much, much more!

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We had a good turn out of parents and grandparents. They particularly enjoyed the swing ball game – possibly more than the children! The children really enjoyed having their family members coming in to play. They were able to show them all of the activities and fun they have at Greenshoots.

The parents also had chance to look at their child’s learning journey and give feedback on what they liked about it. The parents and grandparents had the chance to chat to the staff and meet the other parents. We also enjoyed shared some nice refreshments.

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Overall everyone involved had a lovely afternoon with lots of happy faces. Another stay and play session will be arranged shortly for more families to come and share in their children’s experiences at Pre-School.

After our stay and play afternoon we asked the parents to tell us what they thought of their afternoon with us – here are some of their comments:

“I am happy with Jake’s learning log – he seems to be doing really well.”
“Nice to see what happens and what he likes to do at nursery. The pictures are great :-).”
“I am pleased with how my son has settled in at Greenshoots and he is really enjoying coming every day!”

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