Fun Times and New Friends at Greenshoots

September 2013

The Greenshoots children have been busy enjoying lots of different activities since we reopened for the Autumn term. We have had 11 new friends join us this term and we hope they are all enjoying all that we have to offer.


We currently have a theme of ‘All About Me’. We have been exploring all the children’s interests and learning about their families and home lives. The children have been drawing, sticking or painting pictures of themselves and their family members. They have also been role playing in the role play kitchen like the one they might have at home.

We have also started ‘Chatterbox’ where the children bring in a shoe box with treasures from home inside and tell their friends all about them. This is a great way to support the children’s speech and language skills.
The Greenshoots children have enjoyed visiting the school library, hall and playgrounds as well as exploring the Laira area around the pre-school and visiting the Foxfield park.

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