Autumn Fun at Greenshoots

Over the past few weeks at Greenshoots the children have been learning all about Autumn.
We listened to Autumn stories and songs, which the children have thouroughly enjoyed. We went on a leaf hunt around the school playground and found many different types of leaves in different shapes, sizes and colours.
With the leaves we collected we made our own very special bookmarks for our reading books from the library. We also made photo frames with leaves around the edge and drew pictures of our special family members inside our frames.
The children also enjoyed using clay and pasta twists to make their own little hedgehogs. They worked very hard on making their hedgehog and they are very cute!
We have also been making some colourful Autumn tree pictures using
different techniques, such as glueing and sticking and painting. We have also had lots of fun outside making leaves FLY with the parachute game in the wind.

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