New Friends and a Transport Theme

 January 2014
The Greenshoots children have been busy enjoying lots of different activities since we reopened for the Spring term. We have had 6 new friends join us this term and we hope they are all enjoying all that we have to offer.

We have been exploring all the children’s interests and learning about their families and home lives. We have been focusing on the theme of‘Transport’. We have been learning about different types of transport and vehicles and exploring where they travel on the road, in the water, in the air etc. The children have enjoyed listening to different stories with different types of transport in. They have been drawing, sticking or painting pictures of different vehicles as well as using their wheels to mark marks with paint. The children greatly enjoyed jouneys in our cardboard box car too!

The pre-school children have been enjoying our new builders role play set. They have been doing a lot of mending and fixing! Our new wavy scissors have been very popular as the children love to see the different cuts they can make. We also have a beautiful wooden Noah’s Ark that was kindly donated by Molly Jarvis and her Dad.

The children have really enjoyed exploring this so we would like to say a big thank you.

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