Visiting and Exploring

Visiting the local park and exploring the outdoors.
February 2014

The children had a lovely time when we visited the local park. At the park the
children had fun on the swings, roundabout and the slide. There is also a see-saw at the park which the children had a great time on!

We have had fun recently exploring the outdoor environment. We believe it is
important to promote good physical development so we have been using the
school playground’s climbing and balancing equipment. The Greenshoots children
absolutely love the new trim trail on the playground and have been developing their skills.

The children fun on the hopscotch down on the bottom playground and enjoyed exploring the holes in the walls to see what we could discover!  We have recently used some old guttering to make a cascade for the children to roll balls and cars down. Plus they enjoyed pouring water and watching it flow down the cascade.
Recently we have been exploring a variety of natural materials to get creative. We used pebbles, logs and pine cones to create pictures on large tarpaulin.

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