Our Butterfly Project
June – July 2014
This summer term the Greenshoots children have enjoyed watching the process of what happens to a caterpillar during it’s life cycle.
We had a special delivery of five tiny little caterpillars in a little pot with food in for them to eat. We watched them grow into big caterpillars until they built a cocoon around themselves.
We had a special butterfly house to put the cocoons in to keep them safe. We had to keep watching for 2 weeks to see if our butterflies had hatched yet.
On Tuesday 8th July we had the arrival of two beautiful butterflies and then by Wednesday 9th July we had all five to look at. They were safe in their special butterfly house and couldn’t fly away.
The children have been very excited watching this process of change and have even given the butterflies some lovely names.
The names of our butterflies are:
We have been able to watch the butterflies eat in their house. They like to eat oranges, bananas and apples.  They also like to eat twigs, flowers and leaves.
We will soon release the butterflies into the wild so that they can become part of nature.
The Greenshoots children have enjoyed making some of their own butterfly creations too such as, coloured card butterflies on a string and stain glass window effect butterflies.

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