Outdoor Learning June 2014

Wednesday 25th June 2014
Today some the Greenshoots children had their first experience of outdoor learning. They found it very exciting going to the Laira Green Primary School allotment.
At the allotment the children met Jason – the outdoor educator. He talked to the children about what grows at the allotment and the got to try some peas in a pod which were lovely!
The children enjoyed planting some cornplants, helping to dig the hole for the plant, putting it in and then watering the plant at the end.
We also enjoyed visiting the poly tunnel and looking at what was growing inside. Also eating some lovely cucumber that was growing in the tunnel. The children visited the compost heap and Jason told us how the compost is made. They enjoyed throwing some vegetable peelings on the compost heap and then
covering them with straw to make new compost.
Next the children sowed some swede seeds in a tray of compost before harvesting some strawberries to eat – they were yummy!
We also enjoyed visiting the orchard and looking at the apples that were growing.
They were not ready to eat yet!
After trying lots of things growing at allotment the children still had room for a little snack sitting on the grass. We enjoyed breadsticks, apples, grapes and raisins and a nice drink as we had had a busy morning.
The Greenshoots children are very much looking forward to returning to the allotment again soon!

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