Dartmoor Zoo Visitors

Wednesday 16th July 2014
Today the children of Greenshoots had a very exciting experience when we had some special visitors from Dartmoor Zoo.
The children were able to meet a lizard called Dylan and a snake called Kelloggs. We also saw a giant snail, cockroaches and a millipeade.
Some of the pre-school children were very brave and held some of the reptiles and bugs. If they were not feeling so brave then they just had a look and maybe stroked the animals.
When we met Kelloggs the snake we all pretended to slither like a snake on
the floor! The children enjoyed hearing all about the different animals. Even some of the parents and the ladies who work at Greenshoots enjoyed the visit from these interesting creatures today.
The children and Greenshoots would like to say a big thank you to the Laira
Greenshoots Community Forum and the Laira Green Trust for funding this
special event for us.

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