The Greenshoots Autumn Hunt!

Wednesday 17th September 2014
Today Greenshoots children went on a hunt for items associated with Autumn. They all had a special list of items to look out for such as conkers, spider webs, pine cones and different coloured leaves.

Then when they found one of the items they ticked it off their list. We also collected lots of Autumn items in little bags so that we could take them back to Greenshoots with us.  The children had great fun exploring the bottom playground and the Foundation unit garden looking for their Autumn items. They especially enjoyed looking for spiders in the holes in the walls as they went along!

After the children finished their hunt they enjoyed looking at all the items they had collected. We put them all in a big tray so everyone could see all the different things.

Next some of the children had a try at drawing some of the items they had
collected.  We will be learning lots more about Autumn this term and exploring lots more Autumn themed activities soon.

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