Celebrating Australia Day at Greenshoots

Monday 26th January 2015

Today was Australia Day and the Greenshoots children had fun learning all about the country of Australia. The Greenshoots children liked learning about the animals they might find in Australia such as a Kangaroo, Koala Bear, a Wombat and a Tasmanian Devil!

They enjoyed colouring in pictures of the different animals and some of Australian children. The children enjoyed trying to make an aboriginal dot art pictures, where they covered a picture of the outline of Australia with dabber paint dots. This proved to be very effective!

One of our Greenshoots staff member’s Natalie had been to Australia on a holiday and she brought in lots of interesting items for the children to look at and explore. The children particularly enjoyed wearing Natalie’s cork hat, exploring boomerangs and having a go at playing her didgeridoo!

Happy Australia Day everyone!

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