New Friends at Greenshoots

January 2015

The Greenshoots children have been busy enjoying lots of different activities since we reopened for the Spring term.

We have had 5 new friends join us this term and we hope they are all enjoying all that we have to offer. We have been exploring all the children’s interests and learning about their families and home lives.

We have been focusing on the theme of ‘Around the World’. We have been learning about different countries and what makes each one special. The children have particularly enjoyed mind mapping where different animals from around the world live and if they live on the land, in the jungle, in the ocean or the Arctic. The children have enjoyed listening to different stories and information books about different countries. They have been making, drawing, sticking or painting pictures of different landmarks. The children have enjoyed looking at the flags of different countries and collaged some of their own.

The Greenshoots children love the story of ‘Handa’s Surprise!’ They took part in a fruit tasting activity trying the different fruits from the story. The children enjoyed reenacting the story using the story bag and props. The parents and carers have been set their own home learning task to create a famous landmark with their child, so we are very much looking forward to seeing what creations come in!

If you have any ideas or resources to support the children’s learning of around the world then please let us know. Thank you.

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