Stay and Play

Tuesday 10th February 2015

The parents were invited for a Stay and Play session this morning. Stay and Play gives parents an opportunity to see what their children like to do at pre-school and to most importantly join in!

We had a variety of activities for them to explore, including Gloop, Sand, Water and outdoor play. We also had fun role playing the story of ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. Maisy’s mum had the lovely time exploring all of the sensory trays provided with her feet! We had grass, snow, water, mud, a forest and a cave. Maisy’s and Jessica’s mummies also had a lovely time outside on the bikes and scooters!


Stay and Play also gives the parents the opportunity to chat to their child’s key person and to look through their learning journeys. Overall the session was enjoyed by all and the children loved getting their parents involved in the activities at Greenshoots.

After the event we asked the parents for some feedback, here are some of their comments :sp sp2

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