Under The Sea

Under the sea – Summer term

The children have been enjoying our theme of under the sea and pirates. They have been able to engage in a variety of under the sea activities such as, exploring under the sea ice, making sand castles, playing with the pirate ship in the water, making a message in a bottle and much more.

The children really enjoyed helping to decorate our pirate ship that we made out of an old cardboard box. We set a home learning task for the children to do at home relating to the under the sea theme. Ruby made a lovely under the sea bottle. Blake made a snappy crab. Sky and Star both made an under water aqaurium. Jacob made an under water shark world. Seb also made a lovely under the sea creation.

The children have enjoyed a variety of role play games, where they have pretended to be a fish, jelly fish and a shark amongst more under sea creatures.

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