Bug Lady Visit

Thursday 9th July 2015
Today the Greenshoots children had a visit from Jane the ‘bug lady’. Jane worked for the university and was an expert in minibeasts!
Jane brought along lots of special minibeasts and bugs for the children to look at and touch. She put lots of soil with the minibeasts in into tray and then the children were able to catch a minibeast in a special specimen pot so they could get a closer look. The children collected beetles, woodlice,
worms, centipedes.

After the children had explored the trays of minibeasts they were able to make their own minibeast out of plastic cups, straws and tape! Jane had some special pictures to show the children how to make the different minibeasts. She also had paper features for the different creatures, such as faces and wings for the fly etc.
The children were able to make some amazing minibeast models and were very
proud of their creations!
The Greenshoots children all very much enjoyed their visit and showed a lot of
interest in minibeast hunting! We hope to invite Jane back to Greenshoots again in the future. A big thank you also goes to our chair Rebecca Farr-Barron (Jacob’s Mummy) for organising the visit for us.

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