End of Term Event

Friday 17th July 2015
Today we held our end of term event where the children took part in team games and sports in front of a gathering of parents and grandparents in the school hall.
All the grown ups enjoyed watching the children running, jumping, hopping and

We warmed up with the ‘Traffic Light’ Game and finished with the egg and spoon race. We had to try very hard to keep the eggs on our spoons!
All the children did so well with the sports and games that they all received a gold medal and a special ‘Sports Day’ certificate for their efforts!Following our sports and games we celebrated the 19 children who are leaving
Greenshoots this summer to start school in September by having a little leaver’s
presentation. Each pre-school leaver received a photo frame with pictures of
themselves and their peers inside and a preschool leaver award certificate.
We would like to wish all our pre-school leaver’s the very best for the future at their new schools.
After the leaver’s presentation we had some special thank you’s to say and some
presents to give out. Firstly we said thank you to the lovely Gill Clark who is retiring after three years at Greenshoots. We thanked Gill for all her committment and support. We will all miss Gill and her creative skills a great deal!
Secondly we said thank you to our Early Years Advisory Teacher Jan Yeoman who is also retiring at the end of July. Jan was involved at the very start of Greenshoots and helped to shape the setting into the place is is today. She has been a huge support to the setting over the last five years and we will miss her a great deal.
After the present giving all the family members stayed for some refreshments. We had tea, coffee and juice for the grown ups and juice for the children. Plus there were cakes, biscuits and fruit for everyone and lovely cold ice lollies for all the children.
Thank you to the Laira Greenshoots Community Forum for their kind donation of the cakes and biscuits – they were much appreciated on a busy afternoon!
Thank you to everyone who joined us today. On behalf of all the Greenshoots staff we would like to wish everyone a lovely summer holiday. We reopen for the new term on Monday 7th September.

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