Wembury Beach Trip

Wednesday 15th July 2015
Today the Greenshoots children went on a very exciting trip to Wembury beach! We took 33 children, 31 parents and relatives and 6 staff members on a big coach all the way to the beach.
When we arrived at Wembury we found a nice spot to be our base for the day. We spread out some big tarpaulins to sit on and everyone had a drink and a snack. Next it was time to explore the beach. There were lots of interesting things to see in the many rock pools and on the rocks themselves.
We split into two groups to go rock-pooling with some lovely ladies from the Marine Centre. The children had a lovely time hunting for sea snails, fish and crabs in the rock pools and collecting them in special buckets.

After the rock-pooling we went back to ourbase to have our packed lunches. We had to be careful not to get sand in our sandwiches!
After lunch we had some more time to explore on the beach.
The sunshine even came out and we enjoyed building sandcastles on the beach
and going for a paddle in the sea! The sea was very cold but we didn’t mind! The
children had a lovely time jumping in the waves!
After going in the sea we all go dry and and got ready to go on the coach back to
Greenshoots. It was a tiring day so some of the children had a little nap on the coach on the way back!
The Greenshoots children, staff and parents would like to say a massive thank you to the Laira Greenshoots Community Forum and the the Laira Green Trust for fully funding thislovely day trip out.

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