Easter Event

Wednesday 23rd March 2016

Today we held our fun Easter event for all our children and their families. The children and their parents and carers made some lovely Easter bonnets and hats at home.

Then the children got a chance to show off their creations to an audience during our Easter bonnet parade. Following the bonnet parade the children sang some lovely Easter songs including ‘Chick, Chick, Chick, Chick Chicken’, ‘Hot Cross Buns’, ‘5 Little Ducks’, ‘Peter Rabbit’ and ‘Mary had a Little Lamb’. Our favourite song was ‘Sleeping Rabbits’ where we got the chance to jump up and down like rabbits!

The Laira Greenshoots Community Forum announced the Greenshoots winners of the Easter colouring competition. Many congratulations went to Alfie and Mia who both won an Easter egg for their efforts.

Next the children with the help of their family members went on an Easter egg hunt! The children had to find a colourful paper egg with their name on. Once they had found their egg they exchanged it for a little chocolate Easter treat! It was great fun with everyone joining in together!

After the egg hunting it was time for some refreshments. We all ate some Easter biscuits and hot cross buns which were yummy! We also had a drink of juice or milk and there was tea and coffee for the grown ups.

Overall the morning was greatly enjoyed by all and there were lots of happy smiley faces!

The Greenshoots team would like to thank all who participated in our event and thank you for all your hard work in creating the beautiful Easter bonnets.

Plus thank you to our lovely trustees for their help and support.

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