Product Advisory Notice

As part of Mama & Papas ongoing commitment to safety and quality, they wish to reaffirm the importance of following the instructions and ensuring you have all fixings when assembling the cot as recent feedback has informed them that some customers have found it difficult to assemble or reassemble the product when assembling this in cot mode.

To help customers correctly assemble / reassemble these cots, they have uploaded a Video Tutorial and PDF Instructions for all of the products below:


If you are currently using the cot in cot mode, please watch the assembly check video [via the above link], making sure to check the top rail as shown – if this is secure and no fixings are missing, please continue to use the cot with confidence.

If any of the original fixings are broken or missing, please do not use the cot. Please contact the customer care team on UK: 0800 014 8525 or Ireland 1800 947 202, who will be extending their opening hours and will be able to assist you. Please do not visit the stores as they won’t be able to help in this instance. 

If you take down or take apart the cot and plan to use it again in cot mode in the future, please keep all the original parts and fittings together, along with the product instructions and this website address so you can re-watch the videos when you reassemble the item.

Please share this information with parents and carers.

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