Tooth Brushing Programme

Preschool Tooth Brushing Programme

Dear Parents and Carers,

Here at Greenshoots we are now running a tooth brushing programme.  In partnership with Smile 4 Life, we are hoping to involve your child in tooth brushing once a day with fluoride toothpaste at preschool. This has been shown to improve children’s dental health.

The children will be brushing their own teeth under the supervision of the preschool staff who have been trained under the recommended guidelines. All children will be provided with a tooth brush and a two minute timer from our local children’s centre, which they will keep in the setting.  The children also enjoy brushing their teeth to a special ‘Tooth brushing song’.

If you have any questions about the programme or would like more information you can speak to your child’s key person. You can also find information on the Smile 4 Life website or the Greenshoots website.

When your child joins the setting we ask you to complete a permission slip to give or not give your permission for your child to take part in the tooth brushing programme at preschool. You can withdraw your child at any time from the programme by informing a member of staff.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Greenshoots Preschool Team

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