Fun at Pre-school


Final update! 16/7/19:

And so the day finally came, these gorgeous little creatures have left us! Crawling over our hands, both young and old, and then spreading their wings and fluttering off into the sky. What a journey we’ve had alongside them; observing them grow and change and our children have done the same.


It’s nearly the end of term and these butterflies are a perfect metaphor for some of the children at Greenshoots, those ready to spread their wings and move on to bigger things. A perfect time to remind you of the Greenshoots leavers event at 3:30pm in the Lower Hall!

Bye, bye butterflies!



Update: 11/7/19:

And here they are, look who’s starting to arrive! The children are very excited!


Update 4/7/19:

Wow! It didn’t take long at all! Here the caterpillars are in their ‘Chrysalis Station’ and heading into the butterfly habitat! I wonder what they’ll be like after the weekend!


Update 3/7/19:

Look how big they are getting!  The caterpillars have now attached to the roof of their ‘habitat’ and each are starting to build their own chrysalis. It shouldn’t be too long now!


Update 26/6/19:

We have an update on the progress of our beautiful young caterpillars. They are growing away busily and as this happens the children are learning more about the life cycle of the butterfly and enjoying a range of activities.  The children are also enjoying the story of The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.



We have had some exciting new visitors to Greenshoots in the form of five very tiny but very cute caterpillars!

The children will watch and observe their changes as they grow over the weeks. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on their progress!


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