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Welcome back to Greenshoots. We hope you all had a lovely summer holiday. We have  several new children who are joining us this term and we welcome them and their families.

This term we will be focusing on Personal, Social and Emotional Development with a range of activities which will help children to develop their confidence and self-esteem skills. We have a hair dressers role play area this term and there will be lots of small world play opportunities.

Natalie and Sammie updated their first aid training in the summer holidays. This term the staff will undertake the online ‘Noodle-Now’ course which is based on Physical Development.

Kerry has now gone on maternity leave and we wish her all the best for the

Natalie is going to be the Manager and Ellie is the Deputy Manager whilst Kerry is on maternity leave. Sammie is now going to take on the role of the Deputy SENDCO.

Jodie continues to work towards her level 3 in childcare and her placement days are Wednesday and Thursday. We also have Charlotte who is just starting her level 3 who’s placement days are also Wednesday and Thursday.

Update of information
Please update us with any changes to address, mobile phone number and people authorised to collect your child.

Thank you for your support,

The Greenshoots Team

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