Greenshoots are extremely proud to be hosting a workshop entitled ‘Prepare for OFSTED’s New Framework ‘Deep Dive’ in EYFS into Year 1′ run by none other than the amazing Shonette Bason-Wood and ‘Spread the Happiness’! If you or your colleagues are interested in attending, please visit the link at the bottom of the page. 

You can see the details of the flyer below:

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Prepare for OFSTED’s New Framework ‘Deep Dive’ in EYFS into Year 1.

Monday 2
nd March 4-6pm

Greenshoots Pre School c/o Laira Green Primary School, Bramley Road, Laira, Plymouth. PL3 6BP

Shonette is an outstanding EYFS and Year 1 practitioner and has designed a step by step simple and impacting programme (with a takeaway pack of resources) to help Teachers, TA’s and Senior Leaders prepare for a deep dive of all seven areas of the EYFS. This training will also show you how to transfer EYFS into Year One in a progressive and developmental style that impacts and continues the work done within Early Years.

The twilight will concentrate and demonstrate deep diving in:  Reading and Writing  in Early Years and Key Stage 1.

With Shonette’s excitement and enthusiasm for her specialist area of education, it is guaranteed that this CPD will uplift and excite all attendees, they will have their confidence boosted ready to engage with Ofsted Inspector’s and proudly show the amazing work they do.  Do not be surprised, if after attending, they feel impatient to be ‘deep dived’!

Shonette Bason is a Guinness World Record Holder, mother of four, International Speaker and award-winning author. Shonette is different in style and content, from her look to her ability to lift an audience to a whole new level of thinking. She has created a positive global community within education in which educators put their own happiness first to impact on the children they work with. Famous for her fine muscle exercise Dough Disco, Shonette works Internationally with over 28 countries with Spread the Happiness Educators.

At a recent Head teachers conference Paul Smith (Head of Quality and Control) said:

‘Shonette, is not outstanding, but sensationally “standing-out”’

Price: £72 plus VAT per person.

Please copy or click the link below to book tickets on our website:

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