Important Me2 Funding Update

We have received notice from the council that parents can now apply for Me2 funding online. The notice is as follows:

“Me2 goes live!

Parents can now apply for Me2 funding themselves  – online!

Parents can apply for Me2 funding via the Plymouth City Council Citizen Portal, which can be accessed using the link below,

Parents can also access the Citizen Portal via the Me2 page of Plymouth City Council’s website

Parents will need to register and will be asked for their details. Once parents are registered on the portal, they will then also be able to apply for their child’s school place online when they are old enough. You could say that parents will then be ‘School ready!’

For any queries or for further information; please contact Early Years Tel: 01752 307450″

Please also let anyone know who you think may be eligible for funding.

Many thanks,

Greenshoots Team

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