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(Apologies for this taking a bit of extra time to get on the website, all fixed now!)

Welcome back to Greenshoots. We hope your half term was enjoyable and you had
lots of fun in the wetter weather.

We are going to be very busy this term and will be incorporating many themes into
our sessions. We will be focusing our activities around Autumn, bonfire night and
then leading on to Christmas. There will be a Christmas party with songs in
December and a stay and play session. The dates and invitations of these will be
sent out in due course.

During this term, we are focusing on positive reinforcement. In order to encourage children to work as a team, we provide a ‘gem pot’. The children are encouraged to add a gem to the pot when they follow our Golden Rules such as tidying and listening. Once the pot is filled, the children as a group get a ‘special treat’, this may be popcorn, or a milkshake alongside their snack. The children really enjoy this activity and love watching the pot gradually fill up.

We are also focusing on encouraging the children to become more independent. They have been working really hard at putting their own coats and shoes on, and have been pouring their own drink during snack time. They have been very proud of themselves when they are able to do little tasks independently and we would love for you to support us with this at home!

– Sammie and Hayley attended a two day course in Autism.
– Laura and Sammie are now trained in ‘Music in the Early Years’.
– Natalie and Laura had extra training in speech and language and will be attending
their second session in due course.

We would like to welcome our new bank member of staff called Bryony who will be
starting this term to cover where needed.

We would also like to welcome our new student called Katie who will be helping
out on Thursdays and Fridays. Katie is working towards her Level 3 in Early Years

Thank you for your continued support,

The Greenshoots Team


(You can find a pdf version of the newsletter here)

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