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Dear Parent/Carers,

We are pleased to announce that the children will be having some Moo Music lessons. A
lady called Lisa will be running the sessions and she will come to Greenshoots on Monday and Friday afternoons alternating each week.

In these sessions the children will learn a range of new and different songs and use a wide range of musical instruments. There is also a lot of physical movement they will participate in when moving to music.

We are very excited about this running at Greenshoots and we hope that the children will gain a lot from the sessions.

If your child does not attend these afternoons then if you speak to Natalie or Ellie we will
be more than happy for you to bring your child to a session if you wish to, providing you
stay with them.

The sessions run for 35 minutes and the staff will support these sessions. We will keep
you updated on how the sessions are running and photos will be sent to you on Tapestry
so you can see the fun activities they are enjoying.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to Natalie or Ellie.

Thank you,

Greenshoots Team

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