Newsletter – Winter Term

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Welcome back to Greenshoots. We hope you had a fantastic Christmas break and we wish you all a very Happy New Year.

This term, the theme we are going to explore is Winter. We will be looking at various ways we can stay warm, changes to the outdoors when it is cold and learning all about different animals that live in the colder areas of the world.

We will be creating lots of Literacy opportunities for the children, making sure we are helping the older children to learn how to write their name and providing lots of early mark-making opportunities.

We would like to introduce our new Greenshoots’ teddy bear Benjamin. Every week Benji the bear will go home with a different child, which will include a diary in his backpack. Parents/carers can write what Benji gets up to with you at home. We look forward to finding out all about his adventures.

On the 18th of January is the National Nursery Recognition Awards and four of
the Greenshoots team will be travelling to Leicester to attend. We have been
nominated for ‘Best Staff Development’ and we thank you if you voted for us.
We will update you on what happens at the Awards.

– We would like to politely mention that if children bring in their own toys, we are unable to accept responsibility for their whereabouts, as we are sure you can appreciate, we are a very busy setting with lots of children and resources. We advise that toys are to stay at home in order to make sure they do not get lost or broken.

– The school application deadline for children starting school this year is the 15th of January – Have you submitted your application?

-We would like to happily announce that Sammie is pregnant and we will update you with when she will be going on Maternity Leave.
– Please ask in reception for the parent questionnaire and we would like you to take the time to complete and return in order for us to receive feedback.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Greenshoot’s Team

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