After half term we will be taking part in the ‘Ready, Steady… Listen!’ programme. This is a sponsored listen.  Parents/carers and children will be encouraged to read at home and gather sponsors which will be used to provide new books for the setting. This is a great opportunity to enjoy books and encourage a lifelong love of stories and books.

All information will come out in the next week or so before half term.  We will complete this over a 2 week period which also links in with World book day when we will also raise money to get new books.  We look forward to seeing all of the World book day outfits.   World book day is on Thursday 5th March 2020.

The children at Greenshoots will enjoy a range of books over the 2 weeks and we will be using props to support the children’s understanding of story books.

We are really looking forward to this sponsored listen and we hope you guys can help raise lots of money for new books for your children to enjoy here.

Look out for further information.

Happy reading everyone!

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