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Spread the Happiness

We were so lucky to have Anita from the Spread the Happiness team come and deliver an amazing INSET session for staff from across Plymouth at Greenshoots on the evening of 2nd March. The training was great and all about spreading the happiness which is what we all need sometimes!

The session delved into Literacy in the Early Years and Anita told us about many strategies to promote and develop the skills of early writers. This included trying out sessions of Dough Disco (sure to be a hit when we roll it out at Greenshoots!),



and ‘Squiggle While You Wiggle’.

Anita promoted the ‘FEW’ approach of Fun, Excitement and Willingness in order to engage and support learners in their early writing efforts. She suggested lots of resources which could be used to help celebrate writing in a setting as well as stressing the importance of access to books, reading and songs at home, particularly nursery rhymes. Anita said how effective the movement and rhythm of nursery rhymes can be in benefiting the development of fine and gross motor skills of young children.


To find out more about Spread the Happiness, they can be found by searching on social media or visiting their website > . Don’t forget to check out their free videos on YouTube too!


It was great to see other professionals from other schools and settings sharing ideas and spreading the happiness along with us and a massive thank you goes to Anita for Spreading the Happiness at Greenshoots!

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