Urgent notice – Greenshoots closure

Dear Parents / Carers,

As I am sure you all know by now the government has determined that as of today (Friday 20th March 2020) schools, nurseries and other educational establishments will close in an aim to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the coronavirus disease. 

As a result of this determination, we have decided that we need to act accordingly. As of this afternoon, we have closed our doors until further notice. 

The government request is that settings of the children of those considered key workers are to remain open to provide care and support for their children while the parents / carers contribute to the national effort in attempting to combat COVID-19. As a setting we do not have children who fall into this category who are not already supported within a familial unit. Another regard to closure is for children with SEN. We have contacted the parents of children who fall into this category and through their own choice, they are more than happy to undertake other forms of communication with staff while we undergo this closure. It is paramount that while you are home you adhere to guidance surrounding social distancing (should you need to leave your home) and continue with strict hand washing measures.

During this period of closure, staff will maintain contact with you all. There will be regular contact to ensure we are still supporting you all and that you still have access to your child’s key person should you need it. We are able to offer phone calls, emails and video calls if necessary to support you all at this time. Anytime!

Please remember during this period of enforced closure, you will not be charged for sessions you will be missing.

We will endeavour to keep you all informed with every new update. Following an eventual reopening of Greenshoots we would like to reassure you that your places will still remain and we will be happy to talk through any concerns and questions you will undoubtedly have at that time. 

If, in the meantime, you are concerned about your situation or that of another individual or family, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Included at the end of this letter is a list of numbers you can refer to should you need help from a specific service.

Please know that it is with a very heavy heart we are closing. We are so sad to have to shut our doors and send you home until who knows when. You and your children are a very special part of Greenshoots and we would not be us without you. However, this time of uncertainty leads us to continue in acting with the best interests of your children in mind and right now it is in their best interests and yours that your children are with you and you are together and safe. 

Please don’t forget us, we won’t forget you.

Take care of each other and be safe.

Important telephone numbers:

  • Emergency Services 999 
  • Police non-emergency 101 
  • NHS non-emergency 111 
  • Children’s services (Gateway) 01752 668000 
  • Multi Agency Hub 01752 305200 
  • Children Services out of Hours 01752 346884 
  • Child Line 08001111 
  • NSPCC 08088005000 
  • Citizen advice 03444111444 
  • FIRST stop – to include – Housing advice, Housing benefit, Council tax, bus passes and other council related information.
  • Universal credit 08003285644 
  • Samaritans 03300945717 
  • Salvation Army 01752 767534 
  • CAMHS – Support for child mental health 01752 431601
  • Jeremiahs Journey 01752763666 
  • Plymouth local food Bank 01752 254981 
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