Fun at Pre-school

Comments from Parents

What a lovely report. We’re glad he has settled in and is doing well. Thanks for all your hard work.

Aw this was so lovely to read, my son gets so excited on nursery days and loves telling me about the other children at nursery too. He’s settled well and me and his dad are very pleased with how well he is coming along.

Brilliant progress since being here, I know he is learning more each day! Thanks for all the hard work!

What an amazing first report! Every morning she asks if it’s ‘nursery day’ and when I say yes she is so excited.   Thank you for all you do for her, can’t wait to hear more of her learning!

Ever since my son started at Greenshoots he’s always absolutely loved going to pre-school and in my opinion that says a lot about the staff so I can’t thank you all enough for all you do for my son. It will be really emotional when he goes up to school in September!

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