Eco update – WB 7/6/21

Our peas are growing so big now. Just look how talk they are!  

We have also had some more radishes that have grown and the children enjoy this for their snack. We are also going to be growing some cress soon, watch this space!

Our Perfect Planet poster is a hit with the children.  It encourages conversation about the animals and how we help to look after them.  Our theme is ‘Under the Sea’ at present so there is a lot of talk about how to help protect the oceans.  We will soon be choosing an under sea creature to adopt to help protect their homes. Exciting update very soon!

Some of the children have worked hard on making recycled models over the half term which are displayed on our Eco board.  The children have also been painting with recycled materials and learning about what can and cannot be recycled. 

We have also got these photos to share of our ‘Under the Sea’ learning!

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