Laira Green Trust



I joined the board of Trustees in October 2017.
I work full time as a TA at Laira Green in the Foundation Stage unit, meaning I bring skills and experience of Early Years with me. I am usually contactable via the setting should the need arise.
I have the passion and commitment to help improve the outcome of the setting and raise our local profile and can support the Pre-school to go from strength to strength.
If you have any suggestions for the development of the setting, fundraising ideas or are interested in becoming a trustee, please do not hesitate to contact the office.

I have been a Trustee and Hon. Treasurer since Nov 2015, having seen the vacancy advertised in one of the city free newspapers. I have a grand-daughter at a Pre School near where I live, so I am familiar with some of the terminology, policies and procedures involved in running a Pre-school.
I am very impressed with the high standard of commitment, dedication and professionalism of all the staff at Greenshoots Pre-school.

I was invited to apply and subsequently joined the board of trustees in October 2018.
As a married mother of three daughters, I feel I am well placed to understand the everyday challenges faced by parents and can offer a balanced view of what a Pre-school setting should provide.
I am excited to be a parent representative on the board and I promise to clearly communicate the needs and wishes of parents and work tirelessly to improve the opportunities available to all of our children.
My youngest daughter currently attends Greenshoots and therefore I have a keen interest and commitment to ensure the safety, success and prosperity of our pre-school now and into the future.


I have been a trustee since January 2019. I have an Early Years background in which I have over 15 years experience working in various settings. I am a post 16 teacher and teach Early Years from level 1 – 4 . I am very passionate about  providing the best care and education for your children.

I understand the challenges that practitioners face on a day to day basis to enable children to learn effectively.



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