Meet the Trustees

Claire Kilpatrick – Chair

Claire is our Chair of Trustees at Greenshoots. She comes from an early years background and is very passionate about how children learn and develop. She has a good insight on the challenges practitioners face on a daily basis. Claire has been with the Trust since 2019.

Selina Wells – Secretary

Selina has worked in education for over 20 years as a teacher, education advisor and leader. She is currently working in the criminal justice education sector.

Craig (Maz) Edwards

Maz is a long term associate of Greenshoots and has the preschool in his heart. He works tirelessly to help with the smooth running of the setting.

Sharon Mercer

Sharon is our newest trustee and brings a wealth of experience into the setting.

The above people are hard working trustees that work together to ensure that Greenshoots offers your child the best opportunities. They help keep Greenshoots running smoothly from day to day. There will be more info on our trustees coming soon.

To contact the trustees please fill out a contact form.