Home Learning Information

Supporting Home Learning at Greenshoots

It is very important at Greenshoots that our parents / carers are involved in
their children’s learning at home. Working in partnership will achieve the
best outcomes for your children.

Here are some of the strategies we use to help support home learning:

Greenshoots book bags

We provide children with book bags with the aim to support reading at
home. We give the children a book to take home which they can share with
their families. Once they have read the book they can change it for another
one. We have story books that are suitable for the different age groups that
attend the setting.

Home learning tasks

When we are following themes at pre-school we may send out home learning
tasks for the children. This is the opportunity for you as parents / carers to
take part in activities with your children at home.

Regular newsletters

It is nice for you as parents to know what topics/theme your child is learning
about at Greenshoots. We send out letters with all of the information about
what activities they will be participating in, any new songs they are learning
and then what they can do at home to support our theme.

Parents meetings

At Greenshoots we hold regular parents meetings which gives the
opportunity for an in depth discussion about your child. The key person will
be able to advise you of anything that you can be working on at home.

Children with English as an additional language

We provide a poster for children and families with English as an additional
language to show how important it is to celebrate their home language. The
children learn English at home but it is very important that they use their
first language as well. We emphasise this to parents and support them if
they find it hard to communicate things across to us.


We have certificates that you can use to celebrate your child’s learning at
home. This helps encourage you to recognise your child’s achievements and
to celebrate them and share them with us.
If you would like a certificate please ask a member of staff.

Doodles the Bear

We have a lovely little teddy bear called Doodles who will in turn go home
with each of the children. This encourages the children to look after the
teddy bear at home and join in with family routines.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator – Natalie

Natalie can help with resources for children who may find it difficult to follow
routines at home. She can also help with strategies at home for challenging
behaviour. Please feel free to ask Natalie questions about strategies or any concerns
that you may have.

If you have any questions or queries then please feel free to ask a member of

Many thanks.
The Greenshoots Preschool Team