Think Green and Eco-School

Below is a copy of the letter sent out to Parents and Carers regarding Eco-School.

We are writing to let you know that we are currently working towards an international, Eco-Schools Green Flag award. For over 25 years the Eco-Schools programme has been raising environmental awareness amongst young people. The programme engages millions of children in nearly 70 countries around the world, in England the programme has been operated by the charity Keep Britain Tidy since 1994.

We have decided to participate in the Eco-Schools programme because we value our planet and view environmentalism as an important lesson to teach future generations. Partaking in the Eco-Schools programme will also provide rich and engaging learning opportunities for our early years setting.

Not only does the Eco-Schools programme engage young people, it also: raises environmental awareness; improves our learning environment; creates links with our local community and can lead to financial savings. We hope that through participation in the Eco-Schools programme we will be able to teach young people important lessons that will positively influence their behaviour and help them to develop into environmentally aware adults. 

In England the Eco-Schools programme focuses on ten important topics: Biodiversity, Energy, Global Citizenship, Healthy Living, Litter, Marine, School Grounds, Transport, Waste and Water. We will be choosing a variety of these topics to work on based on your children’s interests. 

It can take between one and two years to complete the Eco-Schools programme and achieve a Green Flag Award. During this time, we will be following the Eco-Schools Seven Step programme that thousands of schools across the world follow. The Seven Step programme aims to maximise the input of young people and involve them in environmental action as much as possible. 

Another feature of the Eco-Schools programme is it has been designed to involve schools (or nurseries) wider community, which is the purpose of this letter. If you would like to get involved in the Eco-Schools programme by sharing your time, ideas or skills, then please contact us directly. If you have little spare time, do not worry – we will keep you updated on our progress and invite you to participate in any appropriate Eco-Schools projects we organise.

We hope you are as excited about our eco-journey as we are.

Yours sincerely,


Here is the link to the Eco-Schools website for more information