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Our staffing structure

Greenshoots Preschool

Staffing Structure




Special Education Needs and Disability Coordinator (SENDCO)

(Level 4 Advanced Practitioner and Level 3 SENDCO Award)


Deputy Manager- Level 3

Currently level 3, working towards level 5 in senior practitioner.


Early Years Practitioner- Level 3 

Deputy SENDCO (Temporary)

Hi I’m Abbie, I really enjoy exploring children’s particular interests and I love to do anything outdoorsy, whatever the weather.  I enjoy creating display boards, to show off your children’s creative work. I am really pleased to be Deputy SENDCO as I am very passionate about supporting children who may have additional needs . 


1:1 Support/Early Years Practitioner- Level 3 

Katusha- Level 3 

Wraparound Care Assistant / Bank Early Years Practitioner / Business Administrator

Hi I am Katusha (Tush) and I am passionate about equality and inclusion.  My favourite activities with the children at Greenshoots are imaginative play, literacy and communication. 

Jodie- Level 3 

Bank Member of Staff

Hi my name is Jodie and I really enjoy setting up sand and water play for the children. I also love outdoor play with the children. 

Charlotte- Level 3

Bank Member of Staff

I’m Charlotte and I love to set up activities which promote children’s imagination. I’m passionate about helping children to expand their minds and develop through play.


Early Years Practitioner – Level 3

Hi, I’m Kerry and I’m passionate about expressive arts and design. My favourite activities with the children at Greenshoots are music, singing, art, and imaginative play. 


Early years Practitoner level 3

Hi, I am Joanne and I love reading books with the children to develop their communcation and language skills. I also love exploring the outdoor area, especailly the bigger playground where the children can play freely on a variety of different equipment.


Early year Practitoner level 3

Hi, I’m Caroline and I love exploring the children’s imagination with role playing and the different themes, I also enjoy helping to develop the children’s communication skills. 


Pre-School Cleaner and bank member of staff

(City and Guilds Certificate in Cleaning Science)


Early years Practitoner level 3